How Office 365 certification can help you become a Copilot subject matter expert

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 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification & Copilot Explained

Outsource your onboarding to RedCape

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring tech training, especially when someone new joins the company. Companies lose 17% of new hires within the first three months because of ineffective onboarding. New employees can learn your systems, best practices, and raise their baseline skills in the first 90 days. They emerge confident, empowered, and ready to collaborate effectively. This program is also great for existing employees who need to ramp up their Microsoft 365 skills.

Turns hours of work into just a few clicks

You’re too smart to be working this hard, especially when you have all the right tools. But did you know that business users only know 10-30% of the features available in the programs they use every day?

There’s an easier way with the wildly popular Microsoft Productivity Workshop available on demand or in person. Train your entire team with this skill-building morale event that will collectively assess and raise baseline skills across Microsoft 365 and create a buzz around the office.

On Demand: Master GenAI terminology & compare platforms

Build your AI skills and confidence by gaining a solid understanding of the major AI players, the platforms, the short but accelerated history, and what it means for the way you work using Microsoft tools. Meet your Copilot! Start using it today. P.S. Make sure you have your popcorn ready for the edge-of-your-seat history lesson. 

May 2nd: Live Event

Join instructor Vickie Sokol Evans and moderator Bonnie Low-Kramen for an exclusive online 2-part training event for Microsoft Copilot, where you’ll learn how this powerful AI tool can enhance your productivity, efficiency, and creativity. This event is designed for both Assistants and the IT Pros who support them, providing a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see the user experience from each other’s perspective. 

Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable insights, network with peers, and become a champion of AI in your organization. 



Digital productivity skill-building programs for individual professionals.


Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification for individuals or teams.


Digital productivity skill-building and morale programs for employees.


Practical and inspiring digital productivity sessions for your conference (not an employer).

Save One Hour Every Week

Learners report saving at least one hour of time per week after attending only one hour of a RedCape class.

For instance, that’s 52 hours per year saved for yourself or each member of your team after attending only one hour of our programs! That’s just time and money saved. Check out other examples of how RedCape will help your company’s bottom line.

ROI Case Studies

Each organization shares their RedCape training experience and return on investment story with you. Just click a logo.

Vickie speaking at the Gates Foundation

RedCape’s mission is to help you, your team, and your audience get more done in less time, eliminate unessential work, and reduce late hours by learning creative and innovative ways to use your technology.

In other words, if you have a few minutes or a few hours to invest, we have sessions and programs to fit any schedule, goal, or industry.




When you become certified, your knowledge, efficiency and productivity increase! You will elevate your professional value and opportunity for advancement. Get certified with the support of the RedCape MOS Certification Program.

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