100 Life Changing Tips Book


Boost your productivity like never before
Learn the latest tools for today’s work environment
Increase the return on your technology investment
Automate your work
Reduce errors
Work smarter, not harder
Focus on what matters most


Vickie Sokol Evans


Who Needs It:

Individuals, Teams, Leaders, Microsoft Users


100 Life Changing Tips Book

Whether you are an expert or “just getting by”, Vickie’s guide includes the most relevant and practical tips you need to get things done quickly and professionally using the software you’re most familiar with. Plus, it introduces you to latest features that you won’t want to miss! There is an EASIER and FASTER way to get things done. Tips in Minutes shows you how.


100 Life-changing Tips using Microsoft Office for Windows

What people are saying!

“I’ve had your 100 tips open on my desk all week and it has changed my life!! I have gone in and reformatted most of my documents and wow, it is amazing!! I feel like I have come out of the dark ages!! “

Taryn Daneman, Assistant, Officiating, National Hockey League

“I keep the book right on my desk so Vickie’s tips are always right at my fingertips. In my role as an EA in a demanding, fast-paced environment it has proven to be a time saver and a life saver time and time again!”

Wendy Chauncey

Executive Assistant, First Reserve Corporation

“I really like the Guide!!! I take it with me wherever I go so I can read it when I get extra cycles – I even did some reading before bed the other night – I’m really enjoying it and I know it will be a big help to me in my day-to-day work activities!”

D’Ann Chorak

Project Manager, HP



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