We keep a busy schedule of events worldwide! If you are looking for training programs for Companies and Individuals, we offer the absolute best. Our sessions are intensly informative, inspiring, and entertaining. Whether you are looking for a keynote, workshop, or breakout sessions for conferences or group sessions, we can provide the results you are looking for!

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“Honestly – Vickie’s marketing material says ‘Jaw-dropping Tips and Tricks’. I’ve now chaired a couple of conferences where Vickie was speaking and the Assistants’ jaws literally dropped open as she presented! She even had a marriage proposal from one of the EAs at the last event we attended together. Absolutely superb! Make sure you add dates to your diary as soon as the webinar dates are announced.”
Lucy Brazier, CEO, Marcham Publishing

Lucy Brazier

CEO, Marcham Publishing

“Yesterday, I attended your 100 Tips workshop hosted by our company and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed not only the content but also your training/presentation style – engaging, intelligent, seamless flow and cadence, humorous, relatable…the perfect package! You promised the 2 hours would go by fast and it certainly did. I hope I’m fortunate enough to attend another one of your sessions sometime down the road.”

Steve Monson

Content Development Supervisor, IWCO Direct

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