Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

RedCape MOS Certification Program


99.5% Pass Rate only with RedCape

Get your team Microsoft Office Specialist certified with support from the RedCape MOS Certification Program. Members pass their exams with our unique 99.5% pass rate. 

Team certification gives you confidence that your team members will be able to make meaningful contributions to your organization.

Build a Productive Team with Certification

MOS-certified employees significantly reduce the time and effort needed to create high-quality, high-stakes deliverables. Substantial time is saved year after year for themselves and for their manager.

Create a team cohort

  • Step 1: Book a call with us to tell us about your goals
  • Step 2: We’ll host a private MOS informational session for employees
  • Step 3: Employees enroll using a pre-paid enrollment form
  • Step 4: We’ll help employees get certified in 30 days

Tuition and Investment

RedCape will provide employees with the support, methodology, accountability, and training to achieve certification on their timeline — starting with their baseline skillset, while reducing fear, anxiety, and all the unknowns. And we accomplish this with real humans, not just videos!

Tuition includes

  • Access for 1 year
  • Self-paced certification journey
  • Live monthly check-in meetings
  • Live monthly online training classes
  • On-demand library of courses
  • Video tutorials for advanced concepts
  • Collaboration workspace
  • Study tools and progress trackers
  • Exam prep software
  • Up to 6 Exam vouchers with retake option
  • Online testing center
  • Support from real humans

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification

Office 365
Available Exams

Word Associate
Word Expert

Excel Associate
Excel Expert

PowerPoint Associate

Outlook Associate

Access Expert
Only available for v2019

Levels of Certification


1 Exam


3 Exams


5 Exams

Want your team certified?


Is there certification for Office for Mac?

No, Microsoft only allows certification in Office for Windows at this time.

Can I get certified in Office 365?

Office 365 and Office 2019 are currently the same exams. There is not a separate Office 365 certification.

How long does my certification last?

Microsoft Office Specialist certifications will never expire. They might become out-of-date, as new versions of Office are released, but you will forever have those certifications.

What if I am not in the United States?

You can get certified from anywhere in the world. Our program allows for members to study and take exams online from any location.

Success Stories

Certification is a Game-Changer

And saves 100 hours each year!

Achieving MOS certification in the programs I use every day has saved me at least two hours a week (+100 hours per year). Additionally, I’ve saved the executive I support 3-4 hours per week. I’ve done the math. We’ve eliminated an incredible amount of unessential work for both of us, which translates into massive amounts of cost savings and efficiencies. MOS certification is a game-changer for us.

Valerie Juarez, MOS Expert

Executive Assistant, Dallas, TX, USA

Everything Changed with Certification

Ever since I became MOS expert certified, everything just spiraled in a really good way.

The value of the program speaks for itself with the amazing pass rate!

The RedCape program is really there to help you succeed in your goal. And the study groups, chat function and practice tests really prepare you for your first exam. Once you complete and pass your first exam, then it really gets easier. I am a firm believer in Outlook in October! Once I got that first exam under my belt, I was less nervous about the others!

Katherine Vaillancourt, MOS Expert

Indirect Procurement Lead, Samuel, Son & Co. Limited, Canada

You can do hard things!

Taking the steps to dive into the MOS Certifications with Vickie taught me that I truly can do hard things! Vickie gave me the tools, resources, and confidence to find great success in my career path. Thank you, Vickie, for believing in me!

Becky Buhler

Executive Assistant, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


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