Training the world’s smartest people, RedCape’s mission is to empower people and organizations with the knowledge and skills to deliver better results in less time, while having a little fun in the process. From jaw-dropping, life-changing tips in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Microsoft 365 to complete mastery with Microsoft Office certification, RedCape offers engaging and scalable solutions that deliver remarkable returns on investment, creating a buzz around the office for years to come.

The R.E.D. Cape Learning Framework

Phase 1


Microsoft Productivity Workshop

Developed by RedCape as a scalable way to both assess and teach essential skills for up to 10,000 employees, the workshop includes practical tips that learners can implement instantly, boosting self-confidence while improving the quality, integrity, and turnaround time of deliverables.

This program will create a buzz around the office.  

Phase 2


The RedCape Academy

The RedCape Academy is a learning platform that features engaging and entertaining classes for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, and more. Live, monthly classes allow learners to ask questions, find solutions, and improve their daily workflow. On-demand courses allow members to learn on their own schedule and at their own pace, while practicing with instructor files. 

Phase 3


MOS Certification

Every office needs an expert. Get huge ROI when employees become certified in Microsoft Office. With the industry's highest pass rate of 99.5%, RedCape’s MOS Certification Program offers the quickest and most successful path to certification. Certification candidates will study to pass a rigorous series of exams in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or Outlook.

Offer training that impacts the Bottom Line

Learning the critical productivity skills we teach in our classes means your team doesn’t have to decide between faster or better. They will produce better results, in less time!

Your employees, customers, partners, and bottom line will benefit.

Improve Productivity, Processes & Efficiency

  • Employees working on fewer things done better
  • Simple best practices can be implemented immediately to improve and streamline processes
  • Consistent work habits among the entire team (vs one or two people)
  • Sustainable productivity throughout the organization even after one session

Reduce Time, Effort & Cost

  • Elimination of bad habits and unessential work
  • Streamlined and reduced labor-intensive tasks to save valuable project time
  • Reduced support costs
  • Reduced need to employ outside help

Increase Technology ROI

  • Employees learn to use more than the average 10-30% of the technology
  • Renewed energy and excitement about the technology
  • ROI of at least 1 hour saved per week for every 1 hour of classtime with RedCape

Reduce Risk & Complaints

  • Reduced errors in reports, presentations and proposals or other documents
  • Reduced security risks
  • Reduce complaints by internal and external colleagues about unnecessary mistakes, missed deadlines, and unprofessional results

Improve Employee Effectiveness & Morale

  • Teams now know what tools to use to get the job done and how to use them
  • Creates a buzz around the office
  • Life-changing skill building and increased confidence
  • Employeess will take pride in their work
  • Learners can’t wait to get back to their desks to try out their new skills


“Something has shifted for me since attending your Microsoft productivity session. Not only have I been able to immediately apply several tips – which have saved me hours of time – but I have greater confidence and curiosity about how to work smarter. Exploring what more I can do with my Mac is now an adventure, entirely dependent on my mindset. Thank-you Vickie!!! I now am inspired to pursue certification.”

Atrayah Janhe

Personal Assistant to Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“I learned more in 90 minutes of session with Vickie than I did over the 4 months of my post-graduate class.”

Taryn Daneman

Assistant, Officiating, National Hockey League, Toronto

“Wow. What an eye-opener. I’m actually sick to my stomach. Had I attended this session last year BEFORE I wrote my book it would have saved me weeks of time and frustration. Editors, publishers and writers need your tips!”

Author and C-Level Executive

Asset Management Firm, New York City


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