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Vickie speaking at the Gates Foundation

About the Event

  • 3rd Annual “Assistants Day of Learning” on September 15, 2015
  • 125 Attendees
  • Morning Session: Half-day of learning w/ Vickie
  • Lunch: Vickie interviewed Lauren Jiloty, Bill Gates’ Assistant
  • Afternoon Breakout Sessions: Hands-on workshops
    • Word Styles & Style Sets
    • OneNote Tips & Tricks

ROI: Productivity Savings


Microsoft, Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word, Windows 8.1

Details about the results

Anonymous Survey Results

Survey was distributed before lunch and focused on the first part of the day

125 Attendees
84 Survey responses
67% Survey Return Rate
99% Learned new knowledge and or skills
100% Will be able to apply the knowledge and or skills learned
100% Would recommend this session to others
2.6 Average hours saved per week after attending the training
$4,431 USD Annual productivity savings per attendee*
$276,938 USD ROI: Productivity savings for Foundation**
*Annual per attendee calculation: Avg hours saved * 48 weeks * $35/hour
**Foundation calculation: Annual per attendee savings * # of attendees * 50% adoption

“These trainings should be required by all employees.”

“Highly recommend!”

“Best training I have ever had.”

“This is relevant to all employees, not just assistants.”

“Would love to have her come back and go more indepth and/or someone like her for further training.”

“Lots of useful information.”

“3 hours wasn’t enough. Need more time, because there are so many tips/tricks.”

“I wish the managers could attend even just the quick tips section.”

“The headings and section moving tip in Word. This blew my mind.”

“I would recommend this to all Foundation employees as we all use these office systems on a regular basis.”

“Incredibly useful, engaging and entertaining. One of the best learnings I have attended at the Foundation.”

“HIGHLY recommend!”

“I would do this training again!”

“Vickie Sokol Evans MS Office Timesaving Tips session was so awesome and extremely informative. I gained so much knowledge from this session and recommend that it be provided to all staff.”


“I’m going to send your info to my old company!!”

“The majority of MS Office users are unaware that they’re only utilizing 13% of the Suite’s capabilities.”

“We aren’t fully utilizing tools for ease of work.”

“We aren’t fully utilizing tools for ease of work.”

ROI: Productivity Savings

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