University of Illinois at Chicago

The two-hour training with Microsoft Certified Trainer, Vickie Sokol Evans resulted in an ROI of $544,320 in productivity savings for UIC.

About the Event

  • Held on Friday, March 4, 2016 9-11am
  • 180 Attendees
  • 2-hour Presentation: Vickie’s Signature Tips & Tricks session
  • Audience: Mixture of Staff, faculty and students across schools and departments
  • Skill Level: various skill levels (basic, intermediate and advanced skill sets)

ROI: Productivity Savings

Skills Needed

Microsoft Excel Microsoft Office System Microsoft Outlook Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Word

Details about the results

Survey Results

180 Attendees
94 Survey responses
 52%  Survey Return Rate
99% Would recommend this session to others
3.6 Average hours saved per week after attending the training
$6,048 USD Annual productivity savings per attendee*
$544,320 USD ROI: Productivity savings for UIC**
*Annual per attendee calculation: Avg hours saved * 48 weeks * $35/hour
**UIC calculation: Annual per attendee savings * # of attendees * 50% adoption

“The session was great! Thank you”

Zaneta Ahuja

“This was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much!”

Katie Philippe

“This is a pretty eye opening seminar. I was familiar with a lot of the windows and excel tips. The fact that 94% of features MS users request of MS to add as features are already part of the program changed my theory on approaching MS office. I am an Excel Analyst spending 6+ hrs a day in Excel. The fluidity of my workflow in Word and Powerpoint are like molasses compared with Excel. This totally changed the way I would approach how to accomplish something in those other programs. Also a motivator to go out and learn some tips that take me out of my comfort zone.”

Anthony Gugliotta

ROI: Productivity Savings


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