Ok. So you’ve sat through my signature Tips & Tricks session: Timesaving (and jaw-dropping) Microsoft Productivity Tips and you’re already implementing the productivity hacks in your day to day work and you’re on fire! Now what?

In this post, I’m going to walk through the strategies on how to remember the tips I shared with you as well as give you a map to the related classes in our Academy library for more in-depth “deep dive” training.

Part 1: Strategies for retaining the tips from the session

  1. Pick three tips at a time and  master them. Rather than get overwhelmed with all the tips, stay laser focused on the top three that will have immediate impact, which will shave substantial time from your week!
  2. Teach others your favorite tips. Teaching helps you retain more.
  3. Sign up for the video series so that you can see me walk through the tips again. Repetition and practice are the keys to learning. You should have received a survey from the session. Don’t have one? Email hello@redcapeco.com and we’ll get it to you.
  4. Get the book for all the step by step instructions. Purchase the “100 Tips” companion guide on Amazon.
  5. Continue studying with me by joining the RedCape Academy where you get access to the deep dive courses (live and on-demand), plus monthly Office Hours with yours truly. Visit learn.redcapeco.com/bundles/redcape-academy for more info. And then use the list below to identify your next move.

Part 2: Related Academy classes for deep dive learning

To really master these skills, here are the corresponding deep dive courses in our store to help you create your very own learning plan.

  • Word Styles 101
  • Office Themes
  • Excel 4-Part Series
  • PowerPoint Slide Masters
  • View the entire library of classes: Academy library.

Get all the courses above for only $300/year by becoming a member of the RedCape Academy! Visit redcapeco.com/enroll to sign up. With an annual productivity savings of over $800 per year after attending just one class, your membership pays for itself after half a class! But I hope you stay for the entire session.

See you in class,

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