The Microsoft
Productivity Workshop

Turn four hours of work into four clicks!

On average, we’re using less than 30% of our technology.
How this could be impacting you:

You feel overworked and overwhelmed

You frequently think to yourself, “There has to be a better way.

You spend more time formatting the report or presentation instead of creating it 

You’re missing deadlines or staying late to meet them

You are suffering in silence because you don’t know how to complete a task

Your manager takes work off your plate instead of the other way around

It’s easy to use Microsoft Office.

Without proper training, you’re wasting time and effort.

Saving (and creating) time in your day is easy

Select your
delivery method

Attend the 
three modules

Turn hours of work
into just a few clicks

Delivery options for individuals

Watch On Demand

for 30 Days

Pause, play, and practice along with the sample files.

No subscription needed

$149 USD per person

Subscribe & Watch

in the RedCape Academy

Plus, you’ll get:
live monthly training and
a library of on-demand classes

$30/month or $300/year

Watch Streaming

with the MPW Rebroadcast

Scalable for 10-10,000 employees, attend this date/time specific event when it runs
January, June, and October

$99 USD per person or less

Train your entire team

Training 10 to 10,000 is easy with the scalable rebroadcast that allows you to stream the training program across all time zones. In person training is also available. Click to schedule a strategy call.

“Awesome!!! OFF THE CHARTS!!! I texted 3 other employees – encouraging them to attend because the class was soooo helpful. Sooo informative. Thank you.”

Elaine McWhinney

Financial Manager, The New York Times

The way you work will never be the same


Renewed passion for technology


More inspired and innovative


A sense of freedom and focus


Reduced frustration from tech barriers


Automated manual and repetitive tasks


Fewer mistakes


More creative time


More self-sufficient


Higher output


Recommend Session

Hours Saved Per Month Per Learner

Annual Productivity Savings per Learner Earning $25/hour


“I couldn’t believe how many items you showed that will make my job easier. I told my boss how great the class was. Now he is going to sign up.” ~ Kim M.

“I thought the time was going to drag. Instead, it flew by. I did not want it to end!” – Kathleen K.

“I learned more today than I’ve learned in other Office training classes.” — Carrie D.

Unbelievable! I wish I could have seen this presentation years ago!” — Rosana D.

Awesome session. I told my carpooler about it this morning on the way to work!” — Naomi S.

“It was so effortless to apply what I learned and share with colleagues. These tips have lightened my workload!”— Elizabeth N.

“I found myself saying WOW many times over thinking about how much time I could be saving myself. This was priceless.” ~ Patty G.

“I thought I was pretty good with keyboard shortcuts until I saw your session. I felt like a kid watching a magician doing magic tricks!” ~ Ezequiel Q.

“I learned five new tricks within the first five minutes. Amazing!” — Donnell H.


Vickie Sokol Evans is the author of the best-selling 100 Life-Changing Tips book where she shares with you her expertise as a Microsoft Certified Trainer with over 25 certifications. For over 20 years she has trained high-performing teams all over the world including at Microsoft, The New York Times, UK’s Parliament, and most notably Bill Gates’ team, among many others. She is a globally recognized digital productivity instructor and speaker, training the world’s smartest people how to use their technology to get better results in less time.

“It was such a helpful session, and while I thought the time was going to drag, instead it flew by and I did not want it to end!   Can’t wait for session #2 tomorrow!”  — Kathleen K.

“Vickie is a hoot and knows how to make dry content fun and interesting. I wish they’d taught this when I was in college.”— Tara H.

Love the sense of humor!” — Ashley D.

“I am marking this on my calendar as a day that changed my life!

Almas Sami

Sohaja Publishing Company


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