If you examine the two Controls task panes below, it’s apparent that the one on the right is missing a handful of controls. This is most likely due to the compatibility settings. To confirm this, look towards the bottom of the Controls task pane for the message “Some controls have been hidden based on the current compatibility settings” as seen in the next screenshot. If you don’t want the form completed by the user in a browser, you can turn off the compatibility settings by following the steps below. For more information about compatibility settings, review this helpful article on Office Online.

092010_1320_wheninfopat13 092010_1320_wheninfopat23



Steps to turn off Compatibility Settings

  1. Change the task pane to Design Checker and click the Change Compatibility Settings link to launch the Forms Options window.


  2. In the Form Options window, uncheck the Design a form template that can be opened in a browser or InfoPath option and click OK.


  3. Change the task pane to the Controls task pane and you should see all the available controls.