The Microsoft Productivity Workshop


Enroll in the modules anytime between Nov 13 – Dec 15, 2023

Then entire program includes three separate modules scheduled at various times across multiple time zones. You may register for and attend as many sessions as you would like.


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Step 1

Click the button below each module to select a session at a date and time most convenient for you. Be sure to click the link “Show in my time zone”.

Step 2

You will need a “Billing Contact Email” in order to register. Your company will provide that for you. Otherwise, use your email if you have paid for the program yourself.

Step 3

Once you receive a confirmation email with the join link, save it to your calendar.

The Microsoft Productivity Workshop  |  3-Part Course

Life-Changing Tips Across Microsoft Office

Module 1  –  90 minutes

  • Learn Windows tips that will improve your daily workflow
  • Format documents in mere minutes using 1-click formatting
  • Improve the integrity of your reports with time-saving, errorproof tools in Excel
  • Effortlessly create one slide deck from multiple presentations and adhere to brand guidelines

Timesaving Outlook Tips

Module 2  –  80 minutes

  • Discover ways to reduce your email volume
  • Learn tips to save time and effort for yourself and others
  • Create 1-click links for mobile addresses and conference calls – which saves lives!
  • Automate your work using Quick Steps and Quick Parts

Essential Collaboration Tips Using Microsoft 365

Module 3  –  53 minutes

  • Learn life-changing tips in OneDrive and in Teams
  • Effectively collaborate with your remote team
  • Search across Office 365 to quickly find what you need
  • Use FindTime to quickly get a consensus on when to meet

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Is there a handout for this workshop?

Yes! You can download it here. We recommend printing it out before attending Module 1.

Can I attend more than one session?

Yes, you may register and attend as many sessions as you would like.

Will the recording be available?

The recording will not be available, but you may attend as many sessions as you would like. If you would like lifetime access to the recording, you can purchase the on-demand version for $199.

Can I pause the program while I'm watching it?

Similar to a live instructor class, the sessions cannot be paused so that you can get as many tips as possible in under 90 minutes.

If you miss a portion or the entire session at any time, you can register for another one during the four weeks it’s running.

If you want the ability to pause and play and download the sample files to practice along with Vickie, we suggest the lifetime license for $199 per person, which includes the digital copy of the book. Get details.

This course is also included in the RedCape Academy as long as you are an active member. Subscriptions are $30/month or $300/year. Get details.

What if I missed my session?

That’s okay! We know life happens. Just register for another available session.

Can I ask questions during the session?

Yes, please do! There is a Q&A panel in the platform for you to ask questions. However, in most cases, your question will be answered in the class itself as Vickie has anticipated your questions.

Fun fact: The number 1 question submitted during class is, “Where is the handout?”

The autoresponder sends the following message: “Thank you for submitting your question. If you need the handout, here is the link to the worksheet: Otherwise, we will respond to you within 1 business day after the session.”

Can my colleague or team attend this?

Of course! This is designed for anyone who uses Microsoft Office for Windows to do their job.

Individuals can sign up here.

Team enrollment and pricing can be found here. We recommend scheduling a strategy call so we can walk you through the toolkit available for team training. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email


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