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Fabulous!!! I did know a number of the tips, and I truly appreciated Vickie pointing out that it meant I was already working efficiently and affectively. On top of that, there were several tips that will save me and my team so much time. I think turning the Excel sheet into  a table was the most eye-opening! I can’t wait to share that with our finance and metrics people. I can’t wait to look at the free information and find out what other time saving tips I can find! Thank  you very much for providing this training for free. Due to the economy, my manager encourages all of us to use free training when possible and this has to be the highest quality, free seminar that I have viewed!

Cindi B.

Having studied English & Journalism in college, I thought I was pretty savvy at using Word. During this presentation I learned many tips and tools though I thought were too good to be true! I was surprised I had never heard of these methods before and am so thankful to be able to use them going forward. This class is great for all skill levels of Word and can enrich both your work and personal use of Microsoft applications.

Jennifer H.


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