RedCape_banner croppedAs we get closer to our “Save The Day!” webinar series on June 17th, I’ve been thinking about what an amazing difference just one 90-minute learning session can make. Thanks to the feedback from attendees at our past training events, we’ve heard directly about the positive impact of those sessions—what folks learned not only improved their work, but also improved their lives by giving time back to their busy days.

That positive impact on work and life is one of the top reasons we put this worldwide webinar together. We want to reach and recharge superheroes all over the world, with timesaving productivity tips that will help smash (Pow!) frustrations and answer the plea “There’s got to be a better way” with a resounding “YES!”

Amazing Red Cape Supporter, Cindy Beauchamp @mrsbeauchamp2u (Photo Credit: Brannon Beauchamp)

Amazing Red Cape Supporter, Cindy Beauchamp @mrsbeauchamp2u (Photo Credit: Brannon Beauchamp)

I believe our “Save the Day!” webinar on Wednesday, June 17th is a 90-minute game-changer for productivity and timesaving. It will be an engaging, fast-paced session based on the bestselling “Tips in Minutes” series. Attendees will discover quick and easy tips and tricks in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, such as:

  • How to instantly format long documents in Word that just might make you cry with joy.
  • Secrets to managing your data in Excel that will transform the way you work.
  • Simple ways to manage and organize content in PowerPoint to keep you from going insane.

We designed this webinar to be jam-packed with engaging, easy-to-remember and immediately applicable tips to start changing the way you work. As I’ve written before, this session is designed for all skill levels to increase efficiency, accuracy and organization. And it’s for anyone who desires the increased confidence, and the sense of freedom, that comes from knowing how to accomplish an Office task quickly and easily.

Sign-up today for an individual registration, single-site registration for a group viewing (hello team-building opportunity!), or multi-site registration with up to 50 logins. Need more info? Check out our event FAQs, including how to make the case to your manager to approve your registration!

Please join us—we’re going to have a great time together!