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Curated information about certification from years of experience and ongoing research


Private membership in our Teams workspace for ongoing support, communication, and encouragement during your certification prep


Breakout channels by exam so that you can engage with others who are studying for that same test


Regular emails sent to you in each phase of the process coaching you on what tasks to complete


Regular online check-ins


Ability to request video tutorials for any concepts you need extra help with


Guidance from Vickie and the RedCape team for advanced concepts


Moral support and recognition of your achievements


Access for 3 years from the time you sign up.


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RedCape MOS Study Group

When you become certified, your knowledge, efficiency and productivity increase, elevating your professional value and opportunity for advancement. Plus, you’ll build credibility by possessing a professional designation that is recognized around the world; grow personally and professionally; and have more confidence when tackling assignments. You CAN do this. You’re *already* using the technology!


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When you’re ready to start studying, purchase below. Remember, GMetrix is a one-year license, so please do not purchase the software until you are ready to start studying. Click here to learn more about why we love GMetrix

GMetrix Prep Software

Here’s why we love GMetrix:

  • It simulates the exam environment. No other study tool does.
  • It has a training mode so you can get immediate answers to questions you don’t know.
  • Getting consistent high scores in testing mode helps you ascertain your readiness for an exam.

The following items must be purchased separately:

  • GMetrix Prep Software ~ $75 USD
  • Study Guides ~$25 USD each
  • Exam Vouchers ~$100-120 USD/exam
  • Proctor Fees ~$20-$40 USD/exam

“My mind has been blown away. Vickie has inspired me to “get with it”. With technology I used to view it as doing my laundry. Vickie has erased that mindset! She has motivated me to get certified, do the webinars and improve myself. Thank you, Vickie!”

Erica Lamanna

Advisor & Senior Board Coord, Metrolinx, Toronto


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