Digital Fluency Program


Lunch and learn content / 30-minute modules

Seed questions to encourage discussions

Homework assignments and sample files

Ability to implement the skills in your deliverables

Peer teach-backs to improve retention and troubleshooting

Ability for SMEs to build their knowledge, showcase their expertise, and mentor the team throughout the program

Access to Online Learning Platform


Vickie Sokol Evans



Who Needs It:



Digital Fluency Program

Digital Fluency Program is for teams who want to build a high-performing culture. It includes monthly lunch & learn programming, Academy memberships, books, peer teach backs, and facilitator mentoring


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  • A one-year membership to the RedCape Academy $300 USD
  • Spiral-bound copy of “100 Life-Changing Tips” $50 USD
  • Digital version of “100 Life-Changing Tips” $20 USD
  • Lunch & Learn content and homework assignment: $50 USD
  • Facilitator Training, Toolkit, Advanced Digital Skills Training & Mentoring by Vickie: $500/Facilitator


Investment: $420/learner + $500/facilitator

“Vicki has completely changed the way I approach my Microsoft Office tasks.I shared a tip to a sage CMO, who literally gasped that I knew a shortcut that he didn’t! Yes! That was awesome! I am enrolled in RedCape, scraped together the funds and it is the best money I’ve spent all year!!”

Patty D.

“Can’t wait for our weekly staff meeting next Monday so I can share some of these tips…they will all think I just invented sliced bread!!”

Arvida Hatch, Administrative Assistant, PHI Air Medical, Phoenix, Arizona

” I am always searching for productivity enhancements for myself and my colleagues. In Vickie, I believe I have found my “efficiency guru” and am looking forward to a long collaboration with RedCape.”

Lucy Carmody, Analyst, Arden Asset Management, England


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