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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

    2021 is coming to a close and now’s the time to solidify your job security, increase your competitive advantage, and add value to your company.

    Join us for the November 16th webinar to find out all of Vickie’s secrets to getting certified in Microsoft Office.

    Do you want a 99.5% chance you’ll pass your certification exam?

    The RedCape MOS Study Group does just that, plus, we have a program to help you get certified in 30 days.

    • Get the motivation you need to up-level your skills and the benefits of certification
    • Overcome the fear of taking on a career-changing big move, with support from a fully certified team (actual humans you can talk to and get help from)
    • Learn about the certification levels available
    • Get answers to the most frequently asked questions
    • Understand the tools you and your entire team need to pursue certification

    What people are saying!


    Certification is a Game-Changer

    And saves 100 hours each year!

    “You can do this. With Vickie’s guidance, you will not only increase your skill level, but also your self-confidence. Mastering these skills has changed my life: business and personal.

    Achieving MOS certification in the programs I use every day has saved me AT LEAST two hours a week or over 100 hours per year. Additionally, I’ve saved the executive I support easily 3-4 hours a week because I’m managing his deliverables. That’s 3-4 hours PER Week. I’ve done the math. We’ve eliminated an incredible amount of unessential work for both of us, which translates into massive amounts of cost savings and efficiencies. MOS certification is a game-changer for us.”

    Valerie Juarez, MOS Expert
    Executive Assistant,  Dallas, TX, USA

    You can do hard things!

    “Taking the steps to dive into the MOS Certifications with Vickie taught me that I truly can do hard things! Vickie gave me the tools, resources, and confidence to find great success in my career path. Thank you, Vickie, for believing in me!”

    Becky Buhler
    Executive Assistant, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

    Everything Changed with Certification

    “Ever since I got that certification, everything just spiraled in a really good way.”

    Katherine Vaillancourt, MOS Expert
    National Director – Past President
    Association of Administrative Professionals,

    Technology Officer for the World Administrators Alliance,
    Indirect Procurement Lead and Executive Assistant, Canada


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