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Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

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    Vickie Sokol Evans, Microsoft Certified Trainer


    Vickie Sokol Evans is the author of the best-selling 100 Life-Changing Tips book where she shares with you her expertise as a Microsoft Certified Trainer with over 25 certifications. For over 20 years she has trained high-performing teams all over the world including at Microsoft, The New York Times, UK’s Parliament, and most notably Bill Gates’ team, among many others. She is a globally recognized digital productivity instructor and speaker, training the world’s smartest people how to use their technology to get better results in less time.



    Certification is a game-changer.

    You can do this. With RedCape’s guidance, you will increase your skill level, and your self-confidence. Mastering these skills has changed my life: business and personal.

    Achieving MOS certification in the programs I use every day has saved me at least two hours a week (+100 hours per year). Additionally, I’ve saved the executive I support 3-4 hours per week. I’ve done the math. We’ve eliminated an incredible amount of unessential work for both of us, which translates into massive amounts of cost savings and efficiencies.

    Valerie Juarez, MOS Expert
    Executive Assistant,  Dallas, TX, USA

    Everything changed with certification.

    Ever since I became MOS expert certified, everything just spiraled in a really good way.

    The value of the program speaks for itself with the amazing pass rate!

    RedCape is there to help you succeed in your goal. The study group and practice tests really prepare you for your first exam. Once you complete and pass your first exam, then it really gets easier. Once I got that first exam under my belt, I was less nervous about the others!

    Katherine Vaillancourt, MOS Expert
    Indirect Procurement Lead, Samuel, Son & Co. Limited, Canada

    You can do hard things!

    Taking the steps to dive into MOS certifications with RedCape taught me that I truly can do hard things! RedCape gave me the tools, resources, and confidence to find great success in my career path.

    Becky Buhler
    Executive Assistant, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


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